Laser cutting

We offer processing of materials such as plywood, MDF board, veneer, soft solid wood (pine, spruce) and PMMA boards by laser cutting. We will process the materials provided by you and deliver finished products or semi-finished products for further processing. Laser cutting offers unlimited options for furniture, interior and exterior designers as well as for those, who like to do things by themselves at home. We produce round, square, rectangular ventilation grilles and large-area panels suitable for doors, holes in the walls and furniture, etc…

The maximum size of the cutting surface is 1250 x 2500 mm.

MDF board up to 10mm Plywood up to 8mm …

What is laser cutting:

Laser cutting uses high-performance beam to cut materials based on computer-controlled parameters. The beam passes through the material and everything in its straight path evaporates, burns or melts. One of the advantages of laser cutting technology is that the cut product rarely needs any other finishing work.

Advantages of laser cutting:

  • accuracy
  • speed
  • clear cut
  • small thickness of cut
  • economical use of material
  • use of different materials

Product processing procedure:

  • processing of the material (idea, image, picture, drawing,…), consultation with the customer
  • PC digitalisation of the material for laser machine (supported programme formats: Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, AutoCad,…)
  • test of the material
  • CNC laser cutting of the product

Illustration of laser cutting on Youtube: